WOW We reached astonishing 50,000 faucet claims, 5000+ users and 20,000+ shortlink clicks within the first 4 days, this is absolutely amazing!

Insane Jackpot Win!
1,500,000 Bits was claimed by user artem0702 by rolling 99,999 today at 16:33

New languages available
We added RU & ES as new language option down at the footer of our site. More comming soon.

We are currently in a phase of balancing so there can be some changes to the site at any given moment. Faucet rewards, Affiliate rewards & Jackpot rewards got a recent re-balancing.
We are still in our early days and we would like to thank everybody for their opinion & contribution. We will make this big together!

New games and lottery on their way!
Current develop status of our new game including a lottery is on 40% and we will update you as soon as we got more infos.

New offerwall including contest!
We added Wannads today and started a offerwall competition. 

Follow our socials to become a chance to win free coupons, worth $$$!

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